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King et al. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 2015 12:80

Brain Computer Interface Paraplegic

In my line of work I have seen many individuals involved in accidents that leave them paralyzed.  Because of this I stay current on all the research that has the potential to improve their lives.  The study below was preformed by researchers in the University of California system.  The...

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Herniated Disc Treatment Options

A common complaint among patients of Utah Neurological Clinic is pain coming from a herniated disc. Below is a summary of what causes herniated discs, a brief description of two common treatment methods, and specific pros and cons related to a cervical disc arthroplasty. Herniated Discs In order to...

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Utah Neurological Clinic

The Utah Spine Center expedites patient care for those people who have spine problems.  We are here to make the process of diagnosis and treatment as efficient and seamless as possible.  By having the initial review done through the ‘Spine Center’, patients can start on the road to recovery...

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