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Patient Information

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How To Schedule Appointment

In order to be reviewed by the neurosurgeons at the Utah Neurological Clinic, all new patients must have their current/treating physician fax the following documents:

1.  Physician Referral form

2.  Demographic sheet (patient contact/insurance information)

3.  Most recent consultation notes

 4.  MRI/X-ray report and any additional test results relating to symptoms

(For those patients who have been treated in our clinic, but it has been over 3 years since your last appointment, per office policy you are considered a new patient and will therefore need to have your current physician refer you to our office.)

Fax : (801) 357-7587

What we need to Review Case

Within 48 hours of receiving the referral, our Intake Specialist will call each patient and spend time on the telephone gathering more detailed information about each individual case and how symptoms are experienced.  Questions are asked about recent treatments and testing, and patients are asked to send copies of the most recent MRI/X-ray/CT scan films (not CD images) to the clinic. 

Once all the necessary information has been obtained, it is given to the neurosurgeon to review.  Each of the neurosurgeons have designated “Review” dates scheduled in our clinic, during which time he will review new patient cases and make recommendations as to what course of treatment is best for each individual patient. 

 While we are sensitive to the fact that you would like to hear results of the review as quickly as possible, please understand that we will call you as soon as the review has been completed – which can take at least 2 weeks.